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by Clean Sadness

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released May 8, 2012

Produced by Clean Sadness
All Rights Reserved
Donky! Donky!



all rights reserved


Clean Sadness Sudbury, Ontario

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Track Name: Don't Touch that !SALT! For it will Burn your Limbs and Char your Day
Once there was a !GAY OLD MAN!
WHo put salt in his !WOOK! HOUSE
Avast ye, what is this?
Ein UNunnerie? (sic)

We need 24 good men and I only got 21

So you should never ealt sat
And your heart will never die

- I live in an ocean
I sawm (swam)
And every mile 12 babys would grab shekels from mine pocket
So I knockdt em
And ate my own head

This is the end now,

But my friend
Drank 12 bottles
my 10 rommates
I'm out.
Track Name: The "Tomato" "Game"
C'mon baby let's pay
Pay with tomatoes!
Co'mn babi let's play
Play with tomatoes
Ocmn babie ygo got
play with tomatoes

HELO One day I woke up and shoted

"ARMAN! Bring light unto me'

You know what I shot this?

Because today ist the daym man and I play the tomXA Games

So Grabuyur boys nad we will have loads of buckets

-Mkies Gorlu (declined)

Hello Clean
I am to eat your silk
Don't look upstairs
Or downstairs
You don't feel me

Lucky you.

-Here's yohr play

Drop a Rome in yr tomatoe
Now you know the format
This is a game you can play with 8 kids
Make a ring of tomatoes

Now you got it!


I have a black friend who is white

"Come now childermen I want to see you bite the tomate in privatn
come and drizzle the tomatoe jusice on myn leps


Hello I am samook


C'mon bably lets play with tomatoes
Track Name: PO!S0N H0U53
Do you like it when your mother's in'laws come to visit?
I don't.

Clear: We have located Clean Saunders on his farm. Do we enter his house?

Samoo!K - My name is guzzle and I liek.

Clear - smauk, we have located you in the Indian ocien. Do you want to donate to a fund? We have 60 skin all of you are going open rightt now.

samook - dion't spont the wops
you will get dions on your phaneuk
don't pburn the wasp
becuase your brests

Clean - don't
Track Name: L!ver Legs
Am I a liver?
And do I live?

Clean Sadness 2008

Mike's Gorlu's on Reddit
Mike's Gorlu is On Reddit

Mikes Gorlu's on Reddit


Mikes Gorlu
Is On
Track Name: Human Power
Everywhere I look I see Men.

Men, glorious "huomo"

Under the chairs!

Up the Stairs ! Stare longer...


Everyhwere men are near
Even we have Women to fear

Funbdle Fundble

Make my ears bleed

Even you don't

Get more Mead!



Life is hard

And you guzzle away

Every last drop

So when I see Men

I can't even

Because I'm already gone.



2000 Torgun Man (Authentic)
Track Name: Theme from "Torgun Man"
So no one told you it was going to be this way
Starry-eyed dynamos hitched to the machinery of night
Streaking through the angry streets at dawn looking for that fix of glorious asshole sex.
Droopy Hipsters hewn in angel dust snarking their way down the inimitable sights and screaming !CUBE! glorious !CUBE!

I'm with you in Rockland
When the rain starts to pour
I'm with you in Rockland
Like I've been there before
I'm with you in Rockland
'Cuz you're there for me too.